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Al Khaleej Foreign Private Employment Agency
East African Tiger Brands Industries PLC
East African Tiger Brands Industries PLC
Kibur Gasha Tourism & Hospitality Services PLC
Kibur Gasha Tourism & Hospitality Services PLC
Kibur Gasha Tourism & Hospitality Services PLC
Tsehayneh Mamo House & Office furniture supplier
A.T General Design and Landscaping Service
Aba Fany Meat Products
Abageda Music Shop
Abergelle Slaughterhouse PLC
Abyssinia Flower Center
African Peace and Security Programme, Institute for Peace and Security Studies
Al Nahari International Plc
Almaz Mumicha Cleaning Hand Craft Industry
Alnub International Manufacturing and Trade Plc
Angels Salad & Garden
Armauer Hansen Research Institute
Astunet Business Enterprises PLC
Avon Flowers
Azewa Addis Metal Wood Works & General Construction
Baldwin Filters Ethiopia PLC
Bandira Addis Map Entertainment PLC
Bandira Addis Map Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Co.
Benyabi Chemical Engineering
Bienvenido Cooking and Language PLC
CCS Comservice Solutions PLC
Chandra Yoga
Cornerston Training Center
D.M.A Technology Institute
Dagu Advertising and Promotion PLC
Danat Entertainment
Dayite PLC
Desta Mender Training Center for Women
Diana Beauty Training Center
DIRE Highland Flowers PLC
Dr. Song Chinese Medicine
DYR Business Group PLC
Emily Yoga
Enat Flower Shop
Entoto Technical And Vocational Education Training
Enyi Ethio Rose
Eskew Yoga Center
Ethio-Global General Trading
Ethiopian Avaition Academy
Ethiopian Institute of Architecture , Building Construction and City Development
Ethiopian Mapping Agency
Evangade Music Shop
Experience Incorporated PLC
Ezera Music Shop
Fest Ethiopia Tours
Finfine Music Shop and Studio
Fitsum Physiotherapy and Physical Rehabilitation Special Clinic
Floral Images
Floral Tropical Gardens
Friends of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies
G.S.N Technology Solutions PLC
Gafat Music Shop
Geo SAS Consulting PLC
Gnd Shoe and Shoe Sole Supplier
King Dawit Tours Ethiopia
Kokeb Music Shop
Kolfe Secondary School
Leslau Language and Cultural Center
Lydmek Communication PLC
Madela Distance Education Academy
Maraton Music Shop
MIDROC Gold Mine
Mikigarden Belt
Million Investment Consultancy PLC
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Modern Pest Control
Nazareth School
Nejashi Ethio-Turkish International Schools
Netsanet Beauty Salon
New York New York Pizzeria
Nile Music Shop
Oromia Water Resources Bureau
Rainbow Foam PLC
Raj Mineral Exploration and Services PLC
Red Fox Ethopia Plc
Rehabilitation and Development Organization
Road Runner Bar, Restaurant and Pizzeria
Rose Ethiopia PLC
Royal Foam Spring Mattress Manufacturing Enterprise
Salsa Class
Samri Nued Special Eye Clinic
Sheba Stone Mining Plc
Sun Optics Special Eye Clinic
Ted's Barber
Tetrode Electronics Technology Institute
The Italian Cultural Institute
The Wedding Planner
Timeless Ethiopia Tour
TissAbay Communications
Tony Low Fitness
Tseday Plant Nursery
Tsion Audio Visual Recording and Distrubution
Vopa International General Trading P. L. C
Waryt Wood Works
West African Dance
Yekatit 12 Hospital ENT Clinic
Yummy Pizza
Zellen Enterprise
Zobil Global Business
ZTE Corporation
Zubeir Audio Video
Zubka General Business Flower Farm PLC


Bole Road
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone: (+251) 11-554-0691
(+251) 91-192-9899
Fax: (+251) 11-554-0692

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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