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St Francis Friary and Church
7th Day Adventist Church
Abo Church
Abune Teklehaimanot and St Ledeta Orthodox Church
Abuno Aregawi Betekeresetyane
Alem Gena Mika'El Bete Kristiyan
Asko Gebriel Church
Asko Kale Hiwote Church
Assembly Hall
Beate Maryam
Beta Christian
Beza internationa Church
Bilale Mosqu
Bole Bible Baptist Church
Catholic Church
City of Refuge Church
Consolata Sisters
Entot Mariam
Ethiopian Mulu Woungal Church
Fullness of God Church
Greece Orthodox Church
Hacheva Mosque
Hanna Mariam - Kotebe
International Evangelical Church
Intoto Kidane Mihret
Intoto Kidane Mihret
Kechene Medhane Alem
Kidane Miheret
Kidane Mihret Orthodox Church
Kidist Selasi Church
Kidus Estifanos Orthodox Church
Kidus Giorgis Church
Kidus Giyorgis Church
Kidus Petrose and Kidus Paulos Church
Kidus Philipos Church
Kidus Rufael Church
Kidus Rufael Church
Kidus Urael Orthodox Church
Kidus Yared Orthodox Church, Kirkos
Kreuzkirche (German Church)
Lebu Gebriel
Mariam Orthodox Church
Medhanealem church
Medhanialem Church
Medhanialem Orthodox Church
Mekane Jesus
Mekane-Yesus Church
Saris Abo Orthodox Church
Sedetegnaw Medanialem Church
Southern Addis Ababa Meserete Kristos Church
St. Gabriel
St. Gabriel Catholic Church
St. Gebriel Church
St. Gebriel Church
St. Giorgis church
St. Joseph Church
St. Marry Orthodox Church
St. Mary Church
St. Michael Church
St. Michael Church (Addisu)
St. Michael Church (gola)
St. Mickael Church
St. Mikael Church
St. Yohannes Church
St.Amanuel Church
St.Gabriel Church
St.Kirkos church
St.Kirkos church
St.Lideta Church
St.Raguel Church
St.Selassie Church
Thehadso International Church
Tsedenya Mariam Church
Wascha Mikael
Yeka Abo Orthodox Christian Chrurch
Yeka Mikael
Yekeber Hiwot
Zetseat Apostolic Reformation Church

7th Day Adventist Church

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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7th Day Adventist Church
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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7th Day Adventist Church
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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