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Mesfin & mulu Electromechanical Contractors P/s
A.B.M Constuction P.L.C.
A.W Electro Mechanical Engineering PLC
AB Construction
Abay Mechanical PLC
Abun Construction P.L.C.
Acasia Construction PLC
Aelaf Construction P.L.C.
Africawit Construction PLC
Alebachew Lakew Electro Mechnical
Amazon Trading P.L.C
Ambufe General Business P.L.C.
Andu General Contractor
Antel General Contractor
Art General Contractor
Artes Engineering PLC
Asege Engineering P.L.C.
Askale Construction P.L.C.
Asmelash and Sons Construction P.L.C.
ASWB General Trading PLC
Avan Construction
Azer Mechatronics PLC
B.S.G Construction PLC
Beaeka General Business P.L.C.
Befejohn Pools General Contractor
Behak General Trade Investment PLC
Bereka Construction
Bereket Endeshaw Building Contractor
Berta Construction P.L.C.
Beza Construction PLC
Bresec Construction PLC
Burk General Construction
Christian Tesfaye Building Contractor
CO-LAN Construction
Comfort Construction
Compass General Contractor
Conncave Construction
CRBC Addis Engineering P.L.C.
Cruzecon Engineering and Construction
D-AB Construction P.L.C.
Dagmawi Construction P.L.C.
Dano Construction Industry and Commerce
Dashen Construction
Degacon PLC
Demelash Construction
Deprocon Trading PLC
Dimension Con Construction P.L.C.
Dodota and Girmachew Construction P.L.C.
Dungoo Construction PLC
Elitro Construction P.L.C.
Else Addis Industrial Development Plc
Endu General Contractor
Ephron Construction PLC
Erasmus Addis PLC
Eshetu Gemeda Genral Contractor
Ethiopian Road Construction Corporation
Eyokal Construction P.L.C.
Ezana Construction
F.C. Schaffer and Associates, Inc.
Fekere Selassie Tadesse General Construction
Finfine Construction P.L.C.
Fortschritt Electromechanical Service PLC
Geberehiowt Araya Construction
Gemera Constuction P.L.C.
Genale Construction P.L.C.
Genefal Construction P.L.C.
Geshen Construction P.L.C.
Getachew Kebede General Contractor
Gizat Construction PLC
Gojo Engineering
Grand Construction P.L.C.
Granite Construction & Trading P.L.C.
Guma Building Contractor
H.P Buliding Contractor
Haile Alemayehu General Contractor
Harmonyu Construction PLC
HASAB Business Construction and Consultancy PLC
Hazi II General Construction and Trading
HD Construction PLC
Hemisphere Construction PLC
Hron Construction Plc
Idris Ibnu General Contractor & Water Works
INDET Construction PLC
Integrity Engineering
Inter Continetal Construction P.L.C.
Isofie Construction PLC
Issayas and Herouy Con. Plc
Jafer Electro Mechanical Engineering
Jambo Construction P.L.C.
Jeholachin Techno P.L.C.
K.A. Construction
Kibran General Contractor
Lebu Construction P.L.C.
Lehi General Contractor PLC
Luci Engineering P.L.C.
Lucy Construction P.L.C.
Luhana Engineering Construction P.L.C
MAN General Contruction
Maple Construction
Mat General Contractor PLC
MAVEN Construction
Mekdem Construction
Melkamu Belete Building Contractor
Mersha Construction P.L.C.
Metaferia Consulting Engineers Plc
Michael Worku Building Contractor
Midroc Foundation Specialist PLC
Mikada Engineering and Trading PLC
Miracle Construction PLC
Mubuc Construction
Mudcon Construction P.L.C
Mulugeta Kassaye Building Contractor
N.K.H. Construction P.L.C.
Nam Construction
Nega Construction P.L.C.
Nicon PLC
Open Tech International Business PLC
Quality Construction Pvt.Ltd.Company
R.Y. General Contractor PLC
Radar Construction
Raey Construction P.L.C.
Raji Construction PLC
Rama Construction P.L.C.
Raycon Building Cons. and Machinery Rental
Raycon Building Construction and Machinery Rental
Retta Debesu ElectroMechanica Engineering
Rodas Construction Plc
S7 Architects PLC
Sara Building Construction
Selo Construction
Senishaw Shewandaw Electro Mechanical Contractor
SESK Construction Private Limited Company
Sewtul General Trading P.L.C
Sheboka Building Contractor
Silver Land International Business PLC
Sizeco Construction PLC
Solomon Araya General Contractor P.L.C.
St. Rufael Building Construction P.L.C.
Suba Construction PLC
Sur Construction Share Company Ltd
Surp Building Construction
Survenet Engineering P.L.C.
T.T.B.M General Construction PLC
Tabor Heroy Construction P.L.C
TAM Construction
Taye General Contractor
Towdrose Asegedche General Contractor
Tower PLC
Trinity Construction PLC
Unity Engineering P.L.C
W and Y Construction P.L.C
Walga Constrution P.L.C.
Wengelawit Building
Winta Construction P.L.C.
Wubcon General Contractor
Yerer Construction P.L.C.
Yeshitila Alemu Electro Mechanical Con.
Yifredew Abreham Building Contractor
Yohannes H/Giorgis Begashaw Electromechanical Works
Yohannes Mekonnen General Contractor
Yohannes Negash Electromechanical Construction
Yot Construction PLC
Yotak Construction P.L.C.
Yoyis Construction P.L.C.
Yusra Muaz Business PLC
Zagwe Electro-Mechanical Engineering
Zemcon Construction
Zemedu Tadesse General Contractor
Demere Engineering and Construction

A.W Electro Mechanical Engineering PLC

P.O. Box: 965
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone: (+251) 91-198-3853

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A.W Electro Mechanical Engineering PLC
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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A.W Electro Mechanical Engineering PLC
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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