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Addis Ababa Directory
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Addis Ababa Ethiopia Business Directory

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List of Registered Businesses at Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Sorted by Business Name

No. Business Name Category Business Type
2441 WSIM Medical Supplies Importer and Wholesaler Health Care and Medecine Pharmacy
2442 WTK Private Limited Company Health Care and Medecine Health Center
2443 Wub Gojo Pension House Hotels Hotel
2444 Wubcon General Contractor Building and Construction Contractor
2445 Wube Art Store Shopping Stationary Store
2446 Wube Berha Bar Food and Drink Bar
2447 Wudassie Car Rent PLC Automotive and Car Service Car Rental
2448 Wudassie Souvenirs Shopping Souvenir Shop
2449 Wudassis Souvenirs Shopping Souvenir Shop
2450 Wuleta Kindergarten Education Kindergarten

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