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Addis Ababa University College Of Commerce

Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA

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ADDIS ABABA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF COMMERCE (AAUCC) was established in 1943 as a Commercial School. Its objective was to train Ethiopians for occupations in the commercial sector of the nation following the five years of Italian occupation. Campus View

For the first fifteen years of its existence, however, the school was nomadic and continuously in search of students. Recruitment in the early years was hampered by both a limited supply of students and general skepticism about this new area of training. Indeed, the school's overall survival was never taken for granted during those formative years.

The very first training programs offered by the school were from six months to one year in duration, they were also varied and practical in content. The earliest trainees were recruited from the few schools opened during those years immediately preceding the inauguration of the school (1941-43), and from candidates sponsored by potential employers. These trainees were selected on the basis of maturity and English language proficiency.

 Over time, the programs evolved to encompass duration of four years. This laid the basis for the 8+4 program, the numbers represented years of schooling, which continued as the school's basic format until the end of 1964. Thus, up until that time, the school was a commercial high school, training manpower in the fields of accountancy and secretarial studies.

In 1966, a 10+3 program was introduced, followed a few years later, by an 11+3 program, and finally culminating in the 12+2 program introduced in 1972. By the time, students were trained in three fields: Secretarial studies, Accounting, and Banking and Finance.

Despite numerous administrative delays and other postponements, which even included a Two-year suspension of training, the school phased out its lower-Graduates of 2008level programs over time in its quest to attain "Junior College" standing. The college was brought under the Commission for Higher Education in 1979, at that time becoming one of the few third-level educational institutions in Ethiopia. In 1982 the new field of specialization of Purchasing and Supplies Management was added to the curriculum, followed by the inclusion of Personnel Management and Marketing Management in 1988-89.

At present the College is structured under the Addis Ababa University and its training programs are upgraded to 3 year degree programs in both the Regular and continuing education in the fields of Accounting, Business Administration & Information Systems (in two areas of concentration, i.e. Business Administration and Information systems), Marketing Management, Procurement and Supply Management, Administrative Service Management and Finance and Development Economics.

In addition to running these programs, the College provides services to the public in consultancy services, supported distance learning, short-term training and external examinations upon the request of business, government and non-government organizations for the purpose of recruitment and staff promotions.

Departments and Field of Studies

The college carries out a three and four-year degree program in the regular and continuing education divisions, respectively, in the areas specified below in both Undergraduate and Graduate programs. The college has finalized its two-year regular and three-year continuing education Post graduate programs

 Undergraduate Programs(Regular and Continuing Education)

  • Administrative Services Management
  • AccountingBusiness Administration Stream(BA)
  • Business Administration French
  • Information System Stream (IS)
  • Finance and Development Economics
  • Procurement and Supply Management
  • Marketing Management

Post Graduate Programs(Distance Education)

  • Human Resources Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Audit Management

Supported Distance Education

  • Business Administration


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Addis Ababa University College Of Commerce
Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA

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Addis Ababa University College Of Commerce
Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA


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