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British International School

P.O. Box: 5583
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


(+251) 11-663-0707
Fax: (+251) 11-661-4098

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About British International School

Welcome to BIS

The British International School, Secondary Section occupies The Sherif Building on the Bole Ring Road 5 minutes drive from Addis Ababa International Airport. The Kindergarten and Primary Sections are conveniently situated in Gerji. There is sufficient classroom space in both of these four storey buildings to house an educational concept which embraces KG – Grade 12 full-time education. Each site possesses a fully equipped IT Laboratory, a Media Centre, Library. Whilst the Secondary School has specialist subject rooms, the Primary and Kindergarten sections have self-sufficient classrooms equipped for their designated grade of schooling.

Our school community includes students from more than 46 countries of the world, with a minimum age of 3 years 10 months on September 1st.  Younger children, from 2 years onwards can be accommodated at Rispins, which is our first satellite feeder school, offering both part-time early years experiences and an early years foundation stage curriculum through to Upper Kindergarten, which is Year One in the British system.  Pupils at Rispins have a guaranteed place at BIS if they wish to transfer at the beginning of the school year.

 Parents seeking admission should initially telephone 0116-630707.

BIS Vision Statement

The school embraces both the British and Ethiopian curricula and works towards international and local examinations.

The following factors underpin the organization:

  • The need for quality English language education in Ethiopia.
  • The belief that education is the key to poverty alleviation
  • The limited provision of international education in Addis Ababa, a prominent international city with over 100 embassies and diplomatic missions and a very large number of NGOs.
  • The demand for international education created by the expansion within the city of the offices of the African Union.
  • The need to attract international investment to Ethiopia through the provision of quality education for the children of groups such as Ethiopian returnees.
  • The growing demand for an affordable and less exclusive education of an international standard.
  • The desire to bring the benefits of private schooling to gifted and talented children whose families cannot afford an international education.
  • The opportunity to create an educational establishment that encourages high moral and ethical values together with empathy for others regardless of social class, ethnic group, religion, gender or disability.

At BIS we believe that an enriching and challenging education with a global outlook conducted in an environment that nurtures mutual respect and concern for the welfare of others is the key to forging healthy and successful communities. We are committed to the creation of positive and mutually beneficial working relationships both within and beyond our community, especially with UK and other English speaking nations of the world. We endeavour to:

  • Nurture and promote a community of young people who are warm and welcoming.
  • Instil a belief in and respect for ethical practice, for other people, for oneself and empathy with other races, religions and cultures with particular reference to the host cultures.
  • Encourage political and environmental awareness and prepare our students to become active members and leaders of local and international communities.
  • Empower our learners through active participation in a curriculum which rewards individual and collective achievement and which prepares for life long, independent learning.
  • Provide every learner with access to an English medium educational experience of the highest standard possible.
  • Promote Ethiopian culture and language through our educational programmes.
  • Provide an education that values and builds on the unique experiences of every student.
  • Provide a set of curricula planned to ensure breadth, balance, depth, relevance and to facilitate progression and continuity.
  • Encourage and value individual creativity and achievement in the arts, sciences and through physical endeavour.
  • Help students reach a high level of proficiency in languages in order to facilitate cross-cultural interaction and to contribute to peaceful conflict resolution.
  • Provide a basis of mathematical, scientific and technical knowledge enabling young people to learn the essential skills needed in a fast changing world.
  • The aims of our school as stated serve not only to complement our mission statement but also to act as goals against which the effectiveness of the school and its provision can be monitored and evaluated.

Website link - http://www.bisaddis.com/



British International School
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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British International School
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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