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Atlanta, GA based Byers Insurance Agency, Inc. is pleased to bring their home insurance solutions to local communities. While they are considered the leading home insurance provider in Atlanta and the Atlanta metro area, the company’s clients benefit from access to competitive auto insurance rates as well. Learn more here: www.kelliebmyagent.com.
As the agency observes, purchasing a home is more often than not one of the most financially taxing actions an individual or family can make. As such, the agency asserts that it is vitally important for residents of any kind to protect their home from the unforeseeable disasters that may come to affect it.
Kellie Byers of Byers Insurance Agency, Inc. states, “Whether you’ve recently moved into a cozy apartment you own or have just purchased a luxury home, it is most unwise for the average person to forgo taking out an appropriate insurance policy. You should not consider it a question of ‘if’ trouble will occur, but ‘when,’ and it is at times like these that we are able to offer our invaluable assistance.” However, this does not describe the full scope of the agency’s responsibilities.
According to Byers, the right policy can mean the difference between adequate coverage that minimizes (or eliminates) loss and not being covered for a certain event at all. An easy example of this, she says, would be getting coverage for flood damage in an area that is prone to wildfires, and many other aspects of a client’s life can play a role in defining the policy they need as well, even if they seem inconsequential at first glance. Byers emphasizes that the only way for someone to be sure they are properly covered is to explore all their options with a competent agent — and this is why the team at Byers Insurance Agency, Inc. makes it their mission to maintain effective relationships with their clients.
In other words, Byers Insurance Agency, Inc. places a high priority on their clients’ satisfaction, and they consider it their duty to ensure they pair each homeowner with the insurance package that serves them the best. While any client that stops by the agency’s office for a consultation will quickly discover this for themselves, their attention to detail and exemplary customer service is made all the more evident by the glowing feedback they receive.
For instance, a recent Google review from Crystal Keba shares that, “We love Kellie and Nancy! They’re a blessing in this world of people that don’t care — they actually truly do! They are very responsive to communication; they've even texted me with bill reminders. When my husband and I had COVID-19, Nancy actually took my payment info over the phone and did it for me because I was so sick! We are moving out of the city and have even switched our car insurance and transferred our renters insurance still with them. Couldn’t ask for a friendlier, more caring staff! Plus, she got us a swinging deal on auto and discovered we weren’t as covered as we thought we were with our previous company. I highly recommend Kellie Byers!”
What truly defines any company’s value, however, is their ability to consistently deliver a superior service. While Keba’s review is a few days old, an older review from Chris Shumate (posted over a year ago) demonstrates that Byers Insurance Agency, Inc. has always upheld their principles to the letter. Shumate’s review says, “Most people believe that spending time at an insurance office is something that would never coincide with fun. Not here; never before has anyone encountered such an amazing insurance office as the one located here, I guarantee it.”
The review explains, “From the delectable little sweet candies that will remind you of your grandmother to the exquisite blends of coffee readily available, you will think you were at a 5-Star cafe. But no, you are at a 5-Star insurance office. And it lives up to every one of them. A member of their staff will be able to answer your every question and get you the awesome rates that you not only need but deserve. After leaving here, you will not have a doubt in your mind about the choice you've made as far as your insurance needs are concerned. Trust me, you could not be in safer and more capable hands, so come and visit today. And thank yourself for coming tomorrow.”
More information can be found on the agency’s official website. Similarly, homeowners are welcome to get in touch with Kellie Byers directly to follow up on any further inquiries regarding their insurance plans.


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