When the Harvest League was all the rage, many prescient players used the practical mechanisms in the Harvest League to increase their POE Currency reserves. When Heist is released, these players will no longer have to spend money on POE Currency and POE Items to support their gaming activities in the new league. After GGG completed the adaptation of the mac version of POE last month, more and more mac users no longer need to cross-platform to play games.

Now players of PC, PS4, Xbox1 or Mac can enjoy the excitement that POE Heist brings to them on their respective platforms. As previously predicted by players, there are many new mechanisms in POE Heist. This new league requires players to play very hard to play well. Whether it is forming a team of thieves or planning a robbery operation, players need to invest a lot of thought and research. For example, players must have thieves good at collecting information or those who are good at post-breaking.

And when the players have started the robbery, they must always pay attention to whether their actions will trigger a higher-level alarm at the location of the treasure. Because once the alarm sounds, there will be many guards to arrest the player. What’s worse is that if the guards catch them, all the treasures successfully stolen before will disappear. Many players have proved this with actual actions. So as long as they complete the target task, players must stop coveting other valuable things but quickly evacuate the scene.

Before the start of the whole action, players are also best to Buy POE Currency and POE Items to make their actions more odds. Let’s begin!