Just this month, CCP Games and NetEase Games announced that EVE Echoes will begin closed testing.

On August 26, EVE Echoes Alpha will continue to be online for nine weeks until the end of September 20. If players want to participate, they can register on the official EVE Echoes website. If you meet the application requirements, you will receive an email notification before Alpha starts. CCP and NetEase released a movie trailer to commemorate this announcement.

EVE Echoes can be designed without the design principles of EVE Online, so it is a technology-driven mobile MMO. In the huge sandbox environment, players can fully develop their own development path, and can also form alliances with players from different galaxies here, which has been very helpful in shaping the lasting universe of the game. NetEase Games’ proprietary graphics engine NeoX and CCP’s game design give EVE a starry emptiness and a sense of beauty that belongs to the future.

Hilmar V. Pétursson, as the EVE Echoes ISK CEO of CCP Games, said that EVE Echoes, as a revolutionary change in mobile mobile games, brought the virtual world that was originally dependent on the PC to the palms of players. This change is incredible and Astonishing. He said that the cooperation with NetEase is a very pleasant thing, and here he hopes to bring players a real EVE experience specially prepared for mobile devices.

From August 26th to September 20th, EVE Echoes closed version Alpha began to be available to some higher version iOS users in Australia, New Zealand and Northern Europe, as well as some Android phones that conform to the system. Since 2003, EVE Online has become a huge and long-lasting MMO, which has laid the foundation for the next development. Although this does not arouse my interest, I still prefer to watch the way this experiment is carried out.EVE Echoes brings EVE Online, which was supposed to be on the PC side, to the mobile gaming device in the palm of the hand. This is a revolution or even a feat in the gaming industry. While the players are enjoying the new EVE experience, they are also entangled in where EVE Echoes ISK comes from. You may wish to learn about MMOWTS. On MMOWTS, players can buy EVE Echoes ISK at any time.