There are many things that make people remember them for a reason. For example, the red of the national flag was dyed with the blood of countless revolutionary martyrs; for example, the white of the peace dove was guarded by the resistance of tens of thousands of people; for example, the green of the container camp was made with the responsibility and blood of the People's Liberation Army.

The container camp takes "military green" as its main theme, uses the flexible characteristics of container building combinations, and combines the army's positioning and functional requirements for the barracks to create a comfortable, fast-moving activity space.

As early as 2013, PTH tailored the container camp for the troops. This barracks can not only meet the strict time requirements of the troops in rapid deployment and rapid encampment. It also guarantees "dumb" use, which is very convenient.

The container camp has formulated a series of humanized preventive measures to ensure that the bed board, telephone and other items in the room will not fall during the temporary transition. This wave of magical skills operation once again subverted the speed of the Chinese soldiers.

Let "troop green" take root in every corner of the world. The "troop green" of container camp is the most secure color in the world, and it is also the most beautiful green in the world.

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