For ordinary customers, in order to make the acrylic sheet have more excellent properties, we need to pay attention to the toughness of the acrylic sheet during the production process, and adjust the toughness of the acrylic sheet according to different conditions to ensure the best use of the acrylic sheet.

How to improve the toughness of acrylic sheet?

1. Using acrylic sheet for rigid inorganic filler can improve economic toughness

In the production of ultra-fine hard inorganic fillers, the matrix of material shear and yield, the large amount of plastic deformation absorbs the addition, changes the brittle material substrate.

2. Use acrylic rigid organic film to improve toughness

Acrylic materials are used in the stretching process, and different matrices and spherical nanoparticles are dispersed in the matrix, so that the organic fillers in the rigid management, the organic fillers have a large force, which can change the rigidity of the economic toughness. The rigid organic filler particles undergo "cold" deformation, and plastic deformation can improve the toughness of the absorbing material. The amount of filler should be determined according to the specific situation and material requirements.

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