Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms available in the market for merchants looking for an easy to use platform for taking their online business. This platform is loaded with a number of amazing features and is very user friendly as well, which makes it a perfect solution for merchants running an SMB. However, its user-friendliness doesn’t come in between a merchant’s personalization requirements. As it allows merchants to create custom solutions with the aid of a hire Shopify developer for the functionality extension of their website.


Further, Shopify is loaded with unique features that can also support the expansion needs of an online store with ease. Hence, merchants can easily launch new products and can step up their services with ease by using the features available in Shopify. However, in order to make a new product successful in the marketplace, merchants must strategize their product development phase efficiently. With this article today, we will take an in-depth look at ways a merchant can ace the process of launching a new product. But before we dive into that, let us take a look at the disadvantages of improper product launch strategies.

Disadvantages of adapting to incorrect product launch strategies

When it comes to an online product, the first impression is the last. Hence, launching a product with a bang is important for online merchants to increase their profits and sales. As without this, it is almost impossible to make your target audience aware of your new launches. Also, without any information available about your product, it might end up looking unreliable, which can also negatively affect the way your target audience approaches your product and services.

Ways to ace the development and launch of your online products.

The process of the launch of a successful product initiates way before the finished product enters the online market. However, most of the hire Shopify experts and online merchants are not aware of this fact and they tend to skip the essential phases of product development, which leads to the failure of the product launch. Hence, in order to make a product launch, successful merchants must follow a proper product development plan. Below is a list of essential steps that are important for creating profitable products for your online business:


  1. Purpose: Before starting on the product development journey it is important for merchants to analyze the purpose of their product and its unique selling points. As having a clear purpose would aid merchants in easily identifying their target audience.

  2. Research: once a merchant has a clear idea about the products that they are planning they must also perform proper market research. Because with the help of proper market research merchants will have a clear understanding of their target audience, and their expectations as well. This can aid them in shaping their product according to their user’s requirements.

  3. Planning: The product development process can become a mess if a merchant does not have a clear idea of what they want as the end result. For this, it is important for merchants to create a clear picture of what they want in their product including the look, feel, and its functionalities.

  4. Creation: This phase includes creating a prototype of the product, sourcing materials for developing your product, and hiring skilled individuals for creating the finished product that your wish to sell online.

  5. Marketing: Once your product is created and is ready to meet your target users you must launch your product with a bang. This can be done by webinars, press releases, etc. Further, you’ll also have to adapt to proper market strategies as well such as providing discounts and offers on your new launch to make your product successful and profitable.