Rotita Coupon Code experience I went on the website and after jumping through multiple hoops to even find a contact option I was connected with the only way I can describe it is a robot that was having a conversation with me that attitude and I'm still going to show you these pieces and give you my honest opinion so let's see what I received from wish so the first piece that I received I have it in my hand I envisioned wearing this as a tunic length because I am 5'4 and nearly any top that hits someone else at the hip is going to hit me tunic length I don't know if this was meant for an American Girl doll or an actual human but this is the top and the first thing that I noticed is it is very small and very short in addition to wonky seams buttons


Rotita Promo Codes there's always a contact us option right I thought I would easily work this out that was not my that are sewn on crooked serger hems that are rolling okay let's stick with the positives it's the color I expected it's a lovely Burgundy everything else about it I just can't this is comically small this by the way is a size medium and typically I wear a solid let's say for six a four on top in particular because I have narrow shoulders before I forget I want to show you the care labels on both of these tops as you can see this burgundy one is allegedly a size medium this to me is smaller than a size extra small you can also see that they recommend dryclean only and I'm pretty sure that the reason that they say that is because this would never survive a trip even in the wash machine and here is the fabric content so I had to come back on camera