Since GGG released POE on PC in 2013, the game has always been available for people to download for free. The new league that will launch every quarter can always attract a large number of people to become a member of the POE players. They may not know what to do first and then what to do. Even if they have read the game guide written by other players in advance, it is useless without experience. For them, the first thing is to buy a certain amount of POE Currency as a reserve.

Path of Exile has its own unique monetary and financial system. Both POE Currency and POE Orbs are things players must get and reserve. These currencies can help players solve many problems and ensure that their game activities can carry out normally. The way to get POE Currency is either to fight against monsters and pick them up after the battle is over, or to sell rare items for POE Currency. Only when they use POE Currency reasonably can they play its due role without waste.

Choosing the right equipment is crucial for players to get a good gaming experience. This may be difficult, but as long as players are proficient in how to use POE Currency and make full use of the features. They need to find equipment with gems suitable for their specific POE version. Most players want to upgrade their equipment every 10 levels or around that time. Finding the right gear is more important than spending all the money on something at once.

If these players who are just getting started have relatively strong financial strength, they can go to some agent websites that sell cheap POE Items to Buy some Exalted Orb. This will not only speed up their game progress but also rely on their own strength to get more valuable items as soon as possible instead of continuing to spend money to buy POE Currency.