Envious of other people's houses, it is better to create your own bedroom. As the leader of light steel villas, PTH has built an ideal mansion for only 300,000 people and embarked on the pinnacle of life.

For PTH light steel villas, all components of the housing system are standardized and produced by professional factories. All materials are new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly materials, which are more energy-efficient, more earthquake-resistant, and stronger than traditional houses, and there is no worries about the housing.

1. Construction characteristics

The most prominent advantage of PTH light steel villa is its construction equipment. The North American prefabricated residential system uses a large number of products and semi-finished construction materials, so the construction equipment is very fast. Taking a villa as an example, from the beginning of the basic construction to the completion of the fine decoration, the entire residence production process only takes 3 months Time, in comparison, the general concrete villa construction period from the beginning of the foundation to completion takes 5 months, and another 2 months of fine decoration are required, and it takes a total of 7 months for the owner to move in.

2. Dry work construction

Generally, when developers want to add an entire building or other buildings in an existing community, they will encounter many complaints and complaints from the owners. The first thing to face is that the harsh noise from construction equipment will be unbearable for the existing owners; in addition, the construction will bring a lot of pollution such as cement and dust, which will damage the tranquility and beauty of the entire community. Another construction advantage of the PTH light steel villa is that the engineering construction is almost dry work, the construction site is very clean, the selected construction machinery is relatively simple, but the degree of mechanization is high, so the construction site, construction waste, construction Construction noise, etc. are all reduced to a minimum.

PTH light steel villa, one-stop smart integration of the whole house, directly installed on the bare wall like a puzzle, allowing you to enjoy the super enjoyment of staying with a bag. From design, decoration, decoration, smart home, ecological furniture to lighting scenes, all integrated customization is implemented. The style of the whole house is consistent, the color is coordinated, and the size is accurate. Using a new customized production process, 90% of the work of the finished product can be completed accurately and quickly in the factory assembly line. The basic construction and on-site installation only need a small amount of time and ordinary technicians to install and solve.

PTH light steel villa focuses on consumers' choice of villa style, combining the elegance and modernity of Chinese villas, the simple atmosphere of American villas, and the luxury and romance of European villas. Choose PTH light steel villa, return to the natural life state, and feel the leisure and comfort of slow time.

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