In 2019, as the captain of this motley Corporation, Joe Bradford contacted EVE Echoes very early. Now that the release time of EVE Echoes has been established, we talked with the developers of EVE Echoes.

As the senior producer of NetEase Games, Wei Su, the game designer Zhou Shicheng of NetEase, and Xi Bing, the general manager of CCP Shanghai, discussed EVE Echoes together. This project is extremely unique. It is a product jointly developed by NetEase and CCP, and is also a derivative of EVE Online. When online games were popular, they became a major change in the times. With the high level of players' love for EVE and the joint efforts of the EVE team, in August this year, EVE Echoes will be launched on mobile devices.

For CCP, all this represents a difference from its core customers. DUST 541 did not achieve the top success. In this way, the development of mobile games is a difficult journey. Bing Xi believes that this is a relatively easy call.

EVE cannot exist as a difficult product. It already existed twenty years ago. They have always wanted to expand Universe on more platforms. DUST 541 is something we already have, so our goal now is to introduce it to mobile devices. EVE Online has existed as a massively multiplayer online game for more than a decade, and we can’t turn a blind eye to EVE Mobile’s hard choices. CCP has extremely high standards for quality. We must meet those expectations and meet the EVE Echoes ISK For Sale requirements of the fan base in order to do something.

The accusation of cash grab is a problem that many games now have in the conversion of mobile devices, but EVE Echoes has no such concerns. As the most solid backing of OG EVE, Wei Su's first contact with CCP is for EVE to attract new audiences.EVE Echoes' efforts are all in our eyes. From the initial distrust of players to the recognition of later players, it has gone through a difficult journey. So for EVE Echoes itself, it is the game itself that can make it win. The experience of the players' love for him is in the EVE Echoes ISK players' online time. I would like to recommend an excellent website for online players, MMOWTS. This is the favorite of EVE Echoes ISK demanders.