You can remove the cash app from your phone, but first you have to disable your account. If you want to delete your Cash App account on your iPhone, you must first open your account. Cash app is an app for transferring money to others, such as Venmo, and you can cancel your account using the app.

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Cash app is a useful app to transfer money easily to friends, family, or other contacts with the use of your phone, just like Venus. However, since it is linked to your bank account, if you want to remove it - whether you find an app that suits you better, or because you simply don't use it anymore - you don't just remove it from your home Can screen like a regular app. If you do so, your account will still be open with them and your bank account will still be on file.

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If you really want to close your account, then there is a small process that you need to do on the app first. Here's how to unlink and delete your cash app account on your iPhone. How to delete your Cash App account on your iPhone1. Open the cash app. The app icon is green with a white dollar sign. 2. If you have any money in your account, be sure to transfer it to your bank before continuing. Does this by tapping the amount of money in the bottom left hand corner, then tap Cash Out?

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Be sure to cash in advance. Tap the Account menu icon in the upper-right-hand corner. It is a circle with the figure of a person's head and shoulders. 4. At the bottom of the menu, tap Support. Its mark is a question mark. Melanie Weir / Business InsiderTap Support.5. At the bottom of the new menu, tap something else. Melanie Weir / Business InsiderTap Some more 6. Scroll to the bottom of this new menu and tap Account Settings. Melanie Weir / Business Insider Tap Account Settings. 7. In the Account Settings menu, scroll to the My Cash App Close Account option. It should be fourth from the bottom. Melanie Weir / Business InsiderTap Close My Cash App Account. 8. Tap Confirm account closure.

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This will sign you out of the Cash app. A text or email confirmation will be sent to you to prove that you have unlinked your account. Make sure that you have received this email before deleting the application. Return to your homescreen to delete the application. Hold down the application and, if you have iOS 13 or later, tap the Rearrange app in the pop-up menu. The option should be second from below.

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If you have an older iOS version, just tap x in the corner of the app after you start shaking to remove it. In Melanie Wear / Business Insider iOS 13, tap Rearrange Apps.10. The apps on your screen will start moving, and a little x will appear in the top-right hand corner of each app. One tap on the cash app to remove the app from your phone.

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