The Madden NFL game was first released on PC in 1996, but between 2007 and 2017, PC support abandoned and switched to the console version. After avid fan demand, EA made a concession and brought it back to the PC series with Madden NFL 19-until now, it has locked them in EA’s Origin Store. Players can Buy MUT 21 Coins here to start their own Madden journey.

This week, the New York Giants were finally favored in a game in 2020, against the equally difficult Washington football team. To determine whether the Giants could end the losing slide, someone simulated the matchup at Madden 21 this weekend. This game is painful for both offenses. The points are few, but there are many sacks and mistakes. It wasn’t until the second quarter that a team reached the end zone, although Washington led the entire first zone because of the actual goal set.

Washington trailed the Giants by 8 points, 14-6, with less than two minutes left. Kyle Allen almost pieced together a tie-in drive for a game, but Kyler Fackrell finally solved it without a timeout. The clock ticked, and the Giants won 14-6. Despite the excellent defensive performance of both teams, the Giants’ steals dominated Washington’s hasty offensive line. Fackrell exploded four sacks and contributed a lot to six teams. Madden Sim predicted the results of the Giants’ game in a year with 4-1, hoping that the accuracy is enough to predict the Giants’ first victory.

Madden NFL 21 launched on August 28 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. EA also revealed that they will upgrade the title for free with Xbox 360 X. EA has not confirmed although Madden 21 for PS5, since the launch of PS1, the series of games have not missed the release of PlayStation home consoles. Players can make their Madden 21 more colorful and explore more functions by Buy Cheap Madden 21 Coins at GameMS.