As the developers of EVE Online, CCP Games declared in their blog that they hope that this game can let each of us stick to it well. EVE went live seventeen years ago, and it has undergone numerous changes so far, including the acquisition of its developer CCP by Pearl Abyss in 2018.

There are many studios around the world affected by the coronavirus, and CCP Games is one of them. Due to the impact of COVID-19, EVE Echoes, which was scheduled to go online earlier this year, has also been postponed to the end of 2020. The risk of infection has repeatedly increased, and EVE Fanfest 2020 is likely to be cancelled.

Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, as the CEO of CCP Games, celebrated EVE’s birthday and described the game, the studio and its ongoing COVID-19 relief fundraising activities in detail in a recent blog. He said that whether they are new or old players, their love for EVE Online cannot be ignored. Pétursson stated that the Cheap EVE Echoes ISK CCP team has developed a detailed plan for the third decade of EVE Online.

Pétursson also conducted research on CCP's latest "PLEX for GOOD" drive supporting the COVID-19 Solidarity Emergency Fund. EVE players donated more than US$100,000 in US dollars, and received direct thanks from the President of Iceland. This fundraising activity lasted for two months, as long as the donor is a virtual mask in the EVE Echoes ISK For Sale game. In response to other crises, CCP also organized other PLEX for GOOD campaigns, but none of them lasted as long as this event.

With the help of CCP's preventive measures, the studio avoided any COVID-19 cases, which is a good thing. The gathering of the EVE community is also very encouraging. The epidemic caused some games and events in the EVE series to be postponed and cancelled, but EVE Online has been sticking to its goals.Under the epidemic, players spend more time playing EVE Echoes at home. Players are full of confidence in this game. If they need EVE Echoes ISK, I think I can help them. The MMOWTS website urgently needs to be in the public eye, and the EVE Echoes ISK on this website also needs to be market-oriented.