Most players already know about the POE 3.12.4b patch. The POE game team is preparing to release the patch within this week. The addition of each patch will enhance the players’ gaming experience and their love and loyalty to the game itself. If they didn’t guess, this patch should be some improvements to all aspects of the heist in the POE Heist League. Players should get more rewards, such as the amount of POE Currency they can get.

After they download the patch and enter the game, they will find that the current ordinary heist and the bonus room treasure chest in the Grand Heists can contain the only contract. And now in the robbery, when the players are in the upcoming lockout period, the traps encountered will not be activated anymore but only activated when the lockout starts. They can also use the instance manager to create or join Rogue Harbor areas. The game team has also improved the position accuracy of the Heist Patrol mini-map icon.

Although players can no longer change their hiding place by talking to Helena on the map, it is the game team after all to prevent players from accidentally losing access to their current location map. The patch also contains many fixes, involving contact in the Twins’ encounter, the Heist brooch modifier, the Rogue ally who is now finishing work, the Chimera armor set, the incandescent rays in the Kohima battle, and more. These may change slightly at the time of release.

GGG has been planning to bring players a better game experience update, which contains many bug fixes and improvements to the Heist League. After the POE 3.12.4b patch appears, players should first Buy POE Orbs and POE Items in case there are new challenges in the game. Although they can view the patch notes now, GGG may make some other changes before they release it.