A Guide to MOT test

If you own a vehicle and it's over three years old, you are legally required to take an MOT test every year. This is done to ensure that the vehicle can still be driven on roads without resulting in an accident. The following guide will cover important points regarding the test and what to do if your vehicle doesn't get a green light.

The correct time to get an MOT check

Once you have completed three years of ownership of your car, it will require its first MOT Newcastle upon Tyne test. Following the first test, you will need to get your car retested annually on the same date as the last MOT test. Upon passing your first test, you are given an MOT test certificate with the date of the test and the date of expiry highlighted. The date of expiry signifies when you will need a new MOT test. You can also choose to get your vehicle tested a month prior to the date of the new test. In case you lose your MOT test certificate, you can make use of the gov.uk tool by entering your registration number. You can also request for a new MOT certificate in place of your old misplaced one.

The ultimate MOT checklist

  1. A dirty car is most likely to fail the MOT test as it will have a very bad first impression. Make sure to keep your car clean and tidy. 
  2. Make sure the number plate is clean and in good condition as it is a rule that your number plate has to be readable in order to pass the test.
  3. Check whether all the external and internal lights of your car are working in proper condition.
  4. Check the tyre tread and tyre pressure.
  5. Fill up all fluid canisters in your car to the max. 
  6. Make sure your mirrors are in proper working condition.

What are the common signs for failing an MOT test?

This test can be failed due to any reason such as the screen is not maintained. This task usually requires less time to complete, so one should take care of it. 

If a vehicle is dirty, it is important to clean the car properly. The car boot and the windows should be given a quick wiping. The car plate is missing or mistyped. It is important to not use wrong spelling or is either stained or missing number plate. If one wishes to have a personalized number plate, make sure it matches the rules laid by DVLA. Any stickers on the glasses should not block the view of the driver. Make sure that nothing is stuck to the windscreen. The headlights should work properly and also vehicle Tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Taking care of certain areas helps to pass the test without any hassle. The vehicles which are as old as 40 years or are commercially used, don’t need to get an MOT. But apart from these, every car must pass the MOT test.

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