What issues need to be considered in the design of Public aquarium? What are the processes?

The aquarium design pays attention to the choice of the aquarium orientation:

1. Sunshine: When choosing a location, a place with plenty of sunshine.

2. Underground part: If fish ponds are excavated, underground pipeline layers, cables, pipeline protection, etc. should be explored. To avoid these parts, build a swimming pool.

3. Drainage: When selecting a site, consider whether the water supply and drainage is convenient, and whether the pipeline is easy to arrange.

4. Filtering: When selecting the orientation, design the filtering orientation. In other words: How big is the filter, is the orientation of the filter beautiful, and is it easy to clean the physical warehouse every day?

When the basic aquarium design of filtration reaches this stage, the structure of filtration cannot be considered, and the design should be based on the overall method of filtration.

1. Analyze the environment around the fish pond and consider the space available for filtering. If the environmental space is limited but not sensitive to noise, you can choose trickle. If the environment has limited space but is sensitive to noise, you can choose the type of cabinet overflow proposed by yourself. If there is enough room for filtering, the form will be more comfortable.

2. Filtration method: The filtration system must have sufficient physical filtration space and sufficient dissolved oxygen in the biochemical chamber. It is easy to clean and protect, and its appearance should be as beautiful as possible. Under these four principles, you can freely design various methods. If it is found that the current position of the fish pond cannot meet the above four requirements, you must go back to the second step and select the position again.

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