Encountering a situation where you’re going on a long drive with your friends humming to the tune of your favourite song, whilst enjoying the breath-taking and vibrant scenes around you may be a thrilling experience. As you’re manoeuvring and navigating your vehicle on the long, flattened road, you witness a car breakdown. What do you do now? Try finding out the problem with your car? Or scramble here and there hoping someone to bail you out of the situation?

Now come back to reality. This was just a visualization. But it can become a reality if your vehicle isn’t maintained well. Imagine the embarrassment that it will put you through along with the other hassles that you will face in any case. Don’t let this happen to you. Look after your vehicle well. We’ll tell you ways to watch over your car service Birmingham so that you enjoy your rides without having to face any such nuisance. Read on further.

What can I do to keep my vehicle maintained?

Well, there are a number of steps that you can take to keep your car in good spirits. The old saying, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ goes apt here. Don’t wait for the trouble to come. Instead, take action when you have all the time in the world. 

Go through your owner’s manual

You might find this tedious and monotonous, but reading this manual is a must for all. It mentions about when you should get the car serviced, when is the time to change the oil or when you should replace your tyres and many other things. 

Give your car for regular servicing

There’s no harm in parting with your vehicle for a day if the parting keeps your vehicle in fine fettle. Let the experts do numerous checks of your vehicle and maintain records for the same.

Keep a checklist ready to ensure all parts are working well

There’s a long checklist for all parts of the vehicle that you must follow scrupulously. Parts like seatbelts, handbrake, all sorts of lights - parking and fog lights, indicators, the horn which seem to be insignificant, all fall under this category. The various oils and fluids like engine oil, brake fluid, windscreen washer, coolant also need to be checked thoroughly.

Keep an eye on your tyres

Tyre pressure is something very important and shouldn’t be missed at all. Your manual mentions how to check the tyre repair Birmingham pressure. The legal tread depth is 1.6mm and it shouldn’t go below it. Keep checking it. Even the condition of the spare tyre also shouldn’t be ignored, just because it’s resting peacefully in the boot of your car.

Air filter of the car

You need to regularly check that the air filter of your vehicle that it’s clean. The filter is just like the lungs of your car. It needs to be kept clean if the engine has to work well. If you drive on dusty roads and often start and stop your car, the filter needs to be changed frequently. 

Battery of your vehicle

Now, this is something that you just can’t rule out. Batteries generally conk off when you don’t use your vehicle for a long time. So, keep running your car on short distances even if you have nowhere to go in particular. Keep inspecting them regularly. Fill up the battery fluid if necessary. The terminals get corroded with time. Open your bonnet and check that as well. 

Maintain the exterior of the car

Give your car service Birmingham a good wash every now and then to maintain that swanky and satiny look on it. Trees, which have sap dropping on your car or maybe bird droppings spoil the paint of your car. A dishevelled car attracts other sorts of insects to it. So, keep them at bay by regular cleaning. 

Overall, a healthy vehicle reflects the concern of the owner towards it. If you follow the above checklist, your vehicle is never going to chuck you midway. 

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