In recent years, stainless steel balcony laundry cabinets have gradually entered people's field of vision, and it has brought convenience to people's lives. Ningbo Afa Kitchen & Bathroom Co., Ltd. elaborated the development process, role and related use tips of stainless steel laundry cabinets.

I. Development History

Stainless steel laundry cabinet material analysis: The earliest stainless steel balcony laundry cabinets were extended from furniture, using MDF or MDF. If the home is in good condition and there is a special laundry room, then no problem However, the majority of Chinese people do not have this condition. So slowly the material became, waterproof PVC. And because the washbasins are relatively heavy, the waterproof multi-layer boards are more stable. Gradually waterproof solid wood multilayer boards have become the main material. More stainless steel cabinets began to appear in 2010. In general, each flower has its own eyes. It's best not to use that kind of material, each material has its own characteristics. So as long as it is used properly, stainless steel balcony laundry cabinets are good.

The role of two-function stainless steel balcony laundry cabinet

The emergence of stainless steel laundry cabinets is people's longing for a better life and an emphasis on health. Improvement of living conditions. People pay more and more attention to health. The sanitary condition of underwear and panties that are in close contact with the body every day is especially important for modern people. Do not wash in a stainless steel balcony laundry cabinet with your jacket. Avoid the spread of bacteria. Another example is that men's high-end shirts are deformed in the washing machine. Only hand washing can prolong life. Summary: The function of modern stainless steel balcony laundry cabinet is to collect washboard and large sink, which is convenient for hand washing of small clothes.

Three, stainless steel laundry cabinet tips

: 1. The cabinet is discolored. Stainless steel laundry cabinets of any material will turn yellow if exposed to sunlight all year round. So when not using a stainless steel balcony laundry cabinet, finally install a curtain on the balcony window.

2, size: the best choice of small size ceramic basin, large size generally choose artificial stone. Because 80 cm or more, the deformation rate of ceramics is very high. There is no problem with artificial stones. When used properly, artificial stone has a long service life.

3. Function: When choosing a stainless steel balcony laundry cabinet, the first consideration is of course the practical function. Such as soap nets. Put a towel on the towel bar, and pull blue for temporary dirty clothes. Generally, professional stainless steel balcony laundry cabinet manufacturers will consider that the function is more important than the gorgeous appearance.

4. User-friendly: Washing machine combination cabinets are more popular, and they are also combined cabinets. However, the high and low basin treatment in the details is more in line with humanization. The height of domestic women is generally about 160 cm. The stainless steel balcony laundry cabinet must put down the washing machine, and the total height must be above 90 cm. (The height of a drum washing machine is generally 82-86 cm). Females under 160 will be very uncomfortable to use. The treatment of high and low basins is still 90 cm in the washing machine part, but it is 5 cm lower outside the basin. Only 85 cm. This solves the problem.

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