Modern lights originated in the early 1990s, and were only formally used by the decorative craft lighting industry in the fields of home lighting design and hotel model room design after 2000. With its stylish and simple temperament, modern lights have won the favor of many young people, and are being sought after by more and more young people in the era of advocating individuality.

  1. Home lighting
    From the birth of electricity, the earliest incandescent light bulbs emerged from the birth of electricity. Later, they developed into fluorescent tubes, and later energy-saving lights, halogen lights, halogen lights, gas discharge lights, and LED special materials. Most of them are developed under the development of these light sources, such as from electric lightholders to fluorescent lightholders to various types of current craft lighting.
  2. Commercial Lighting
    The light source of commercial lighting fixtures is also developed on the basis of incandescent lights, such as halogen lights, metal halide lights, etc. The lights are mainly focused and flooded. Signs, advertisements, characteristic window and background lighting are all in Continually emerged in response to development needs.

3.Industrial lighting
The light sources of industrial lighting fixtures are mainly gas discharge lights and fluorescent lights, which are customized according to other requirements of lighting, such as waterproof, explosion-proof, dustproof, etc. However, industrial lighting needs to be cautious, especially in selecting light sources and lights. Pay attention to, for example, the color and fabric texture of clothing produced under different light sources are different. The choice of lights and lanterns mainly considers reflectivity, illuminance, and maintenance factor. However, most domestic companies still do not pay much attention to it. Only in some foreign companies may make a comparison.

  1. Road lighting and landscape lighting
    The choice of road lighting and landscape lighting fixtures is completely different. Do not think that only lighting is sufficient. Road lighting cannot blindly pursue beauty and ignore safety illuminance and fog permeability. The choice of landscape lighting fixtures and light sources must fully consider energy saving. And beautiful, because landscape lighting does not need that high illuminance, as long as you create a lighting feature.

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