If you own a car, you always want it to shine like new money.

But the reality is completely different. When used frequently, the car may lose its previous shine. Therefore, you must remove the car paint kit and repaint it.

When talking about automotive paint kits, air compressors have emerged because the amount of compression you need to get here is only possible with high-quality, high-power compressors.

In this article we will elaborate-choosing the right size air compressor.

What size air compressor do I need to paint my car?
What does “size” of an air compressor mean?
When it comes to air compressors, size is a different term. According to the size, it is mainly the water tank capacity of the model.

Having said that, fuel tank capacity is not only the only performance indicator. If you think that the larger the tank capacity, the higher the power output, it is totally wrong.

A number of factors regarding air compressor size (performance) are important-

Gas tank capacity.
CFM rating.
Air pressure (psi).
Motor power (horsepower).
power supply.
In the following sections, we will discuss these points. As a result, you will get an accurate indication of the power source.

Gas tank capacity
The compressed air capacity indicates how much air you can use from the air compressor. Especially when painting cars, the size of the air tank plays a more important role.

It shows that the flow from the compressor is uniform. Larger air tanks are more likely to provide a more uniform air flow. On the other hand, smaller air tank sizes enable discontinuous paint release.

Therefore, we recommend that you get at least 40 gallons. If you can afford larger gasoline, we recommend you buy up to 60-70 gallons of gasoline.

  1. CFM rating
    CFM stands for cubic feet per minute, which directly indicates how fast the compressor can produce airflow. Keeping the psi reading constant, there is a direct relationship between the CFM count and the ability of the compressor to draw more air.

If your compressor has a low CFM rating, it will be very difficult to spray cars with it. As a result, you will notice that some areas of the car are better painted than others.

So, what is the ideal CFM range for a spray paint car? Well, we recommend that you choose a compressor with a rating of 14-18 CFM. If you can afford a higher price, that's even better. But don't exceed the 25-30 limit as they are usually used for industrial purposes.

  1. Air pressure (psi)
    For compressed air, the correct air pressure must be provided. But an unknown factor is that you don't need to buy a compressor with an ultra-high psi count to get a fine car paint finish.

The ideal psi range for automotive paint compressors is 20 to 25. If you have enough expertise in automotive painting, even 15 or 30 psi compressors will work.

However, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you must deal with lower psi counts. That won't disturb the quality of the painting, but it will take more time and energy to paint the car better. LVLP sprayers are some of the cheaper low-psi compressor types.

  1. Motor power (horsepower)
    Now, this is a crucial factor, and this is the motor power. Motor power is measured in HP (horsepower), and we are convinced that this is a common term for everyone.

What does the motor power indicate now?

To answer the question directly, the motor can compress the air. Higher power can of course provide higher air pressure, which is what we call a better compressor.

For jobs such as automotive paint, it is highly recommended that you purchase a compressor with a high HP value. This will save your day. The ideal motor horsepower for automotive paint is about 10 horsepower.

  1. Power
    How is your air compressor damaged, what is its power source and type?

Three issues have been merged here, and this is what we are talking about now.

In terms of power, there are portable and stationary compressors on the market. Portable air compressors run on air sources and you can take them anywhere. Usually, they are used for camping, car tire inflation or other small compression work like this.

On the other hand, stationary compressors are stuck in one place. You cannot take it anywhere except the installation location. They run on AC power.

When it comes to automotive paint air compressors, we will tell you to use stationary compressors. Although they are not out of reach, they can provide the high output you need in automotive paint.

How does the compressor work?
Well, this part is about the mechanism of the compressor, and the function of the compressor also plays a role.

There are two main types of working processes of conventional air compressors: reciprocating air compressors and rotary screw air compressors.

The first to use a piston on the same vein was the heart of the engine system. The other is more complicated in terms of functionality. But a clear benefit is that they produce less noise.

In addition, there are gas compressors and electric compressors. But nowadays, gasoline compressors are mainly used for light workloads, such as tire inflation.

The right combination of capacity and power is essential to finding the right size for the air compressor for paint spraying. Keeping pace with the times, don't forget to pay attention to the price-quality ratio.


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