In order to avoid oxidation, airless cylinders are upgraded with high-tech concepts. An airless bottle is a container that keeps the inside away from air and bacteria, and the bottle pump also helps to expose less air when using the product. We can provide you with a pump mold based on your design or sample.

Airless bottles and vacuum pumps are very effective at containing your cosmetic products. Although airtight bottles are used for cosmetics such as creams and lotions, in case you have to open the entire lid of the bottle, the air will be exposed. Therefore, airless bottles are very important to keep air to a minimum.


The bottle pump was developed based on airless cylinders to protect the inside of cosmetics. Although you can choose between wider and smaller pumps depending on the thickness of the product you want to accommodate. Moreover, these provide a better display and also have excellent actuators.


The airless bottle and pump are made of plastic PP material, with simple structure and reasonable price, which can form a high-performance luxury packaging system. Cosmetic airless bottles can be used for any cream products, which can avoid further contact with the product and ensure long service life. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also widely used in luxury skin care cosmetics.

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