The significance of the existence of the light, in addition to lighting the night and lighting the dark room, is also given more connotation on the road of "pursuing light". Through continuous thinking innovation and technological breakthroughs, we can better improve the human living environment. LED Craft light Company & Ninghai Haohua Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd. to explain the characteristics of these lights


Water drop lights: These water drop lights are hand-made by glass artists using recycled materials. At the same time, water drop lights of various shapes are full of air bubbles, giving people a dreamlike feeling. The designer hopes to make people feel similar to natural light, so the water drop lights designed in different shapes will produce unique and ethereal light. A design that seems to give people a quiet beauty, and at the same time, it will bring good results if applied to places such as restaurants and hotels that need romantic atmosphere and atmosphere.

Wood lights: Each light uses a different combination of wood. In order to show the beauty of the wood itself, the designer only rubbed a layer of wood wax oil on the surface. Wood wax oil penetrates into wood fibers, increasing the hardness and smoothness of the wood surface, while nourishing the wood and displaying its natural texture. It adds extra features to the fixture, which can be used to hang clothes, parasols, etc.


It is both a chandelier and a table light. It uses copper wire to outline the frame and white cotton paper to make a lightshade. There is almost no extra part or block. The light can be sprinkled without reservation. The copper wire frame has different colors, so there are five colors to choose from. On Jane ’s design road, the designer made the subtraction “too thin a point is too thin”, but also has the right beauty.


Leaf light: This LED pendant light is designed to have a simple structure. At a glance, it is only a thin piece. Maybe you will think of the word "one leaf lone light", yes, its name is "Be-Leaf". A leaf-like folded and bent metal sheet constitutes its main part, and also serves as a light holder and a lightshade. The inner wall of the lightshade is also painted white, which is really fresh and vivid. Unlike traditional chandeliers, Be-Leaf's light bulbs are mounted on a light holder. The light is not directly emitted, but is reflected on the lightshade, and then reflected through the lightshade to form a more gentle and natural lighting effect. Even the wires are wrapped in green nylon rope, and the shape of the entire light looks more like a leaf.


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