What parts does the      Syringe Mould    consist of and what do they do? China syringe mold manufacturer, supplier & Yuhuan Shengjiu Mould Co., Ltd. explained:

(1) Molding part. That is, after the mold is assembled and closed, the cavity part of the plastic product is directly composed of a convex part, a concave part, a core, a rod or an insert.

(2) Mold clamping guide. It is a component set to make it possible to correctly align the central axis when the mold is moved and fixed. There are guide posts, guide hole sleeves, or tapered cones.

(3) Product launch part. It is the parts used to push the molded injection product out of the cavity of the molding die, including ejector rods, fixed plates, push plates and pads.

(4) Core extraction. When injection-molded plastic products with pits or side holes are released from the mold, the core mechanism parts for forming the pits and side holes are first extracted, such as the core drawing mechanisms such as inclined guide posts, inclined sliders and bending pins that are often used.

(5) The heating and cooling part of the mold body. It refers to the control system that adapts to the temperature of the injection molding process of plastic products, such as resistance heating plates, rods and their electronic control components; circulating cooling water pipes are used for the cooling part.

(6) The supporting part of the mold body. It refers to auxiliary parts to ensure that the mold body can work correctly, such as moving and fixed die pads, positioning rings, rings and various fastening screws.

(7) Pouring the melt channel. It refers to the flow channel that can introduce the molten material injected through the nozzle to the cavity of the forming mold. It can generally be divided into the main flow channel, the flow distribution channel, the bushing port (gate) and the cold material tank.

(8) Vent holes. Refers to the part that can exhaust the air in the mold cavity. Generally, small-sized products do not need to be provided with special exhaust holes, and the air in the cavity can be exhausted from the gaps between the mating parts; for large-scale injection product molds, exhaust holes must be provided.

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