Fuel injection pumps are an important part of automotive diesel engines. The fuel injection pump is the most important part of a diesel engine. It is regarded as the "heart" of a diesel engine. If something goes wrong, the entire diesel engine will malfunction.

The fuel injection pump is mainly composed of a pump oil mechanism, a fuel supply volume adjustment mechanism, a driving mechanism, and an fuel injection pump body. Among them, the pump oil mechanism includes a plunger coupler, an oil outlet valve coupler, etc .; the oil supply amount adjustment mechanism refers to a rack-type oil quantity adjustment mechanism or a fork-type oil quantity adjustment mechanism; the drive mechanism includes a camshaft, a tappet assembly, etc. ; The fuel injection pump body is the installation base of the above three, which is required to have sufficient strength, stiffness and tightness, and to facilitate disassembly, adjustment and maintenance.

The fuel injection pump can be divided into three types: plunger fuel injection pump, fuel injection pump-injector and rotor distribution fuel injection pump. Among them, the plunger-type fuel injection pump is the oldest and most widely used, and has high reliability; the fuel injection pump-injector is a combination of the two, directly installed on the engine cylinder head, which can eliminate high-pressure fuel pipes Adverse effects (requires additional driving mechanism on the engine); the rotor distribution type fuel injection pump has only one pair of plungers, which mainly rely on the rotation of the rotor to achieve the boosting and distribution of fuel, with small size, light weight, convenient use, Low cost.

In China, the fuel injection pump is based on the plunger stroke, the center distance of the pump cylinder and the structure type, and is equipped with different sizes of the plunger to form several types of fuel injection pumps with different fuel supply amounts in a working cycle. Ⅱ, Ⅲ and A, B, P, Z series to meet the needs of various diesel engines.

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