At present, the use of holiday decorative lights is restricted, and the large gap with the price of conventional LED lights is an important resistance to promotion.

The high cost of holiday decoration lights is mainly due to the following: high-quality light-emitting diode dies are mainly derived from foreign manufacturers in the United States and Japan, which need to be imported, and the price is high; the development costs of new lights' light paths and light structures, and high-performance materials The cost is also very high; the commonly used 220 V AC mains power is efficiently converted into the low-voltage DC power required by the LED inside the luminaire, the dimming control circuit required to adjust the color brightness of each LED in the light, and the control The DMX512 signal receiving and decoding circuit connected to the station, etc., not only increases the function, but also increases the cost of the light. Holiday decoration lights are still a kind of high-tech products, and it will take time for the cost to drop drastically before they have been applied in large quantities.

 The reliability of the power supply is insufficient or mismatched to cause LED overcurrent and overvoltage to cause damage to the LED. It is also important that the reliability of the LED power supply and the matching with the LED in the holiday decoration lighting project:


1.In terms of voltage matching, low-voltage driving of about 2--3 volts of LEDs must design complicated conversion circuits, and different holiday adapters must be equipped with different power adapters.


2.In terms of current matching, the normal working current of the LED is between 15mA and 18mA. When the power supply current is less than 15mA, the LED's luminous intensity is insufficient, and when it is greater than 20mA, the luminous intensity will be weakened. At the same time, the heat will increase greatly, the aging will accelerate, and the life will be shortened It will be damaged quickly when it exceeds 40mA.

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