Modern architectural decoration not only pays attention to the constituent elements of indoor space, but also pays more attention to the aesthetic effect and psychological effect of lighting on the indoor and outdoor environment. Lighting is not just continuation of natural light, but the full use of light and dark in the building decoration. The combination of light and shadow creates a comfortable and beautiful lighting environment. Therefore, people pay more and more attention to the choice of decoration lighting. Lighting plays a finishing touch in architectural decoration.
The effect of lighting on artistic effects
The light-sensitive materials used in the design must pass through the light source in order to play their due role. Light is not only used to illuminate the designed scene in the design, but also plays the role of a bridge and medium to convey the scene, such as the color, texture, and depth of the scene, and the atmosphere, feeling, Many aspects, such as levels, must be expressed through the effect of light, so the design cannot simply observe light from the appearance, but use light in practice. However, we must grasp the effect of light in the design and "light perception". Sensibility is the instinct of designers. Artists rely on skilled brushes to describe objects. Designers use the lighting in their hands to show the attributes of the scene.
Therefore, the expression of environmental art requires light, the correct understanding of light, and the change of light transmission, and the artistic effects it brings. Only in design art can it be just right, and the artistic effects embodied in the scene can be correctly displayed.

The expressive power of lighting for design art
Lighting design is environmental art, and lighting plays a key role in the expressiveness of environmental art. In the creativeness of environmental art, we must have the environmental awareness of “light”, and mobilize “light” to achieve its artistic effect. The pieces of work reflect the artistic effect of the lighting environment design. Lighting plays an extremely important role in the design's modeling performance and environmental atmosphere rendering. Light in nature is ever-changing, complex and subtle, and the design of lighting is also divided into strong and weak, and light and dark. A reasonable lighting environment design can make the scene rich in layers, the lines are rigid, and the light is bright.
The influence of lighting design on artistic effect
Someone once said: "Buildings must be illuminated by light to produce life." Of course, light, as the main medium between people and space, has physical, physiological, psychological, and aesthetic functions. Lighting is not only necessary for life. Conditions are also the basic elements of visual aesthetics. Therefore, in the design of indoor lighting, the current "Civil Building Lighting Design Standards" and "Civil Building Lighting Design Specifications" should be followed, and people's aesthetic requirements and architectural decoration effects must be fully and reasonably utilized. Technology and decorative arts are perfectly and ingeniously combined organically and treated as environmental art and atmosphere, fully expressing the architect's architectural art and creative intentions, adding glory to people's living space, thereby generating unique artistic effects. Of course, the owner should also be considered Hobbies, uses, and different features, as well as affordability.
To create a good and comfortable lighting environment, first of all, the distribution of illumination must be reasonable, the reflectivity of all sides of the room should be appropriate, the light should be soft and glare-free; the second is the specifications, size, power, shape and texture of the lighting And the structure and color materials should perfectly match the decoration style; in addition, we must also pay attention to safety, applicability, economy, and beauty. In short, the art of indoor lighting not only directly affects the atmosphere of the indoor environment, but also affects people's physiology and psychology. When designing the interior lighting art, you should determine the lighting arrangement, light source type, light shape, and light distribution according to the use function, visual effects, and artistic conception of the indoor space environment.
The organic combination and correct use of these three can create an atmosphere and mood that are harmonious with each other in the interior space environment, fully reflect the style of the architectural space, and enhance the aesthetics of the architectural art, so as to meet people's aesthetic requirements and visual mental functions, and improve The purpose of interior lighting art and quality of life.
The effect of lighting choices on artistic effects
If architecture is solid music, then the perfect lighting is the perfect note on this piece of music. Today, with the development of science and technology and the richness of materials, lights are not only a tool for realizing basic indoor lighting, but also a practical work of architectural decoration, a unity of lighting art and architectural art. The perfect lighting set combines decoration and lighting, and strives to achieve a perfect and harmonious unity. It makes full use of the combination of light and dark, the combination of light and shadow, and the change and distribution of light to create various visual environments to enhance the atmosphere of indoor space effects.
Therefore, when choosing lighting, you should pay attention to the following issues:
First: Pay attention to the coordination of colors. That is, cool colors and warm colors depend on the application.
Second: Avoid glare. Eliminate eye fatigue, protect eyesight, protect health, improve work and study efficiency.
Third: Reasonably distribute the light sources. The bright light on the ceiling makes people feel more space, bright and cheerful, and the dim light on the ceiling makes people feel narrow and depressed. The combination of general lighting and local lighting is economical and affordable.
Fourth: The direction of light irradiation and the intensity of the light should be appropriate.
Fifth: We must express the combination of the theme, the atmosphere, and the main and auxiliary lights, and express a kind of thought and metaphor with the combination of lights.
Sixth: The arrangement of lighting matches the height of the ceiling, the size of the room, the environment and shape, style, layout of furniture, floor, wall color, and material, and it is a wonderful finishing touch.

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