The Knitted Interlining is made of knitted Interlining. It is an adhesive lining made by hot melt coating. Knitted lining is divided into warp and lining weft knitted interlining. The performance of the knitted interlining is very similar to that of the braided linings, with good follow and overhanging.

Knitted interlining is an adhesive bond pad that is permanently bonded to the lining. Due to the characteristics of the knitted fabric, the knitted interlining cloth has become a unique interlining of knitted fabrics, unlike the conventional interlining lining. Mainly used for knitwear on the collar, collar, closure, cuffs, broom and pocket mouth.

According to different patterns, knitted interlining is divided into different types. Base fabric molding, knitted interlining is divided into warp lining, weft knitted lining and knitted non-woven lining. Based on performance, knitted linings are divided into high elastic linings, low elastic linings and high linings.

Knitted garments, especially knitted garments, are different from those used in woven fabrics. The most prominent feature of a knitted fabric for a garment is a multi-directional scalability. Because of the use of natural fiber fabric or synthetic fiber fabric, knitted fabric ductility is obvious, formed by molding. For this reason, the use of an adhesive interlining cloth having knitted interlining having the same characteristics is a priority for knitted jackets.

However, when the interlining cloth having the same ductility as the knitted fabric is selected, not only the brittleness of the knitted fabric but also the brittleness of the knitted interlining is used, and a relatively stable knitted lining having a structure different from the ductility of the knitted fabric is used Fixed and reinforced, to meet the design and regulation of fabric activities.

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