Air compressors have many uses, including: supplying high-pressure gas cylinders; providing medium-pressure clean air to divers; powering medium-pressure clean air in certain office and school buildings to drive pneumatic HVAC control system valves; Tools (such as jackhammers) can provide large amounts of medium-pressure air, fill high-pressure air tanks (HPA) to fill tires, and oxidize large-scale industrial processes (for example, as a petroleum coking or bagging system in a cement plant).


Most air compressors are reciprocating pistons, rotating blades or rotating screws. Centrifugal compressors are common in large applications, while screw, scroll and reciprocating air compressors are more popular in small portable applications.


There are two main types of air compressor pumps: fuel injection pumps and oil-free pumps. Oil-free systems have more technical development than oil-free pumps, but they are more expensive, louder, and have a shorter life. Oil-free systems also provide higher quality air.


Air compressors are designed to utilize a variety of power sources. Although the most popular are gas / diesel powered and electric air compressors, air compressors that utilize vehicle engines, power output or hydraulic ports are often used in mobile applications.


Air compressors account for 12% of all industrial electricity consumption and are silent partners in every industry imaginable. The dentist uses a compressor. Every cement plant, every wastewater treatment plant, every power plant has an air compressor.


From pneumatic drives on the production line, spray coating, blown glass and thermoformed plastics to supplying air to our faucets, the compressors provide compressed air somewhere and provide us with almost everything.


Compressor power is measured in HP (horsepower) and CFM (cubic feet of air intake per minute). The gallon size of the air tank specifies the amount of compressed air available (spare). Natural gas / diesel driven compressors are widely used in remote areas where power is difficult. They are noisy and require ventilation to exhaust the exhaust. Electric compressors are widely used in the production of permanent power supplies, workshops and garages. Typical workshop / garage compressors are 110-120 volts or 230-240 volts. The shape of the compressor oil tank is: "pancake", "double tank", "horizontal" and "vertical". Depending on the size and purpose, the compressor can be fixed or portable.


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