Kitchen cabinets must be used in our home kitchens. There are many types of kitchen cabinet materials. At present, consumers are favored by light luxury stainless steel kitchen cabinets and simple styles. Today's custom stainless steel kitchen cabinets require designers to come and measure, so before decorating the kitchen, you must know some decoration points to communicate effectively with the designer and express the correct needs.

The following six stainless steel kitchen cabinets kitchen decoration issues, Ningbo Afa Kitchen & Bathroom Co., Ltd. elaborated:

1. Countertop health and environmental protection

The kitchen countertop directly determines whether the kitchen is environmentally friendly and healthy, and the health and safety of the diet starts from the countertop. High-quality countertops must have other qualities such as wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, non-radiation, and non-toxicity. 304 food-grade stainless steel countertops are also worthy of choice by consumers because they are formaldehyde-free and environmentally healthy.

2.Slip on the ground

The kitchen is easy to get wet and the floor is very important. There are many solutions. The first is to make the floor non-slip. Try to choose floor tiles with better non-slip properties. The easiest way is to put non-slip mats on the pads to prevent water drops from dripping directly on the floor tiles to avoid falling. inverted. Second: The stainless steel kitchen cabinet is made of water retaining strips on three sides to prevent water from splashing on the floor.

3. Efficient use

Decoration is often the easiest to overlook the storage function, which is very important for traditional Chinese families with large populations. Large and small bottles can not be placed at will.If you want a beautiful kitchen, you can enhance the storage function.You can choose some stainless steel baskets, partitions, shelves, etc. on the wall, and put some small green plants on it. Effective use of space.

4. System

The kitchen lighting system, the first is the overall lighting of the kitchen. Pay attention to the functionality of the overall lighting fixtures. It is not appropriate to choose too gorgeous lighting. The overall lighting light feeling should be soft and will not cause eye damage. The second is local lighting. The local lighting needs to be meticulous to the corners of the ceiling cabinet and the bottom, the interior of the drawer, etc. The warm light sensor is a good choice. Even if you cook at night to pick up the items, you will not see it clearly.

5. Determine the kitchen cabinet installation position and size repeatedly

Before the customization of the kitchen cabinet, the designer needs to visit the site. The designer will choose the installation location according to the specific conditions of the kitchen and the owner's requirements. The owner must discuss the design with the designer and consider it thoroughly. The location of the sink, the range hood and the gas stove.

6. Function and color matching

Due to the maturity of stainless steel technology, the value of custom stainless steel kitchen cabinet door panels is getting higher and higher, and the shapes are changeable. But the level of custom kitchen cabinet design, production technology, and installation technology are all worth testing. There are many businesses in the market in order to cheaply use substandard stainless steel instead of 304 food grade stainless steel, and try to choose big brand products when buying, such as Fadio, Baoneng, Franka, Komler and so on. You can't just focus on the beauty value, you need to combine the personal habits of the kitchen users and emphasize the functionality of the kitchen cabinets. You need to maintain communication with the designer during the decoration. Small-sized kitchens are more suitable for light-colored kitchen cabinets, which can increase visual space. For larger-sized kitchens, choosing dark-colored kitchen cabinets seems very popular.

Stainless steel kitchen cabinets are used in most modern kitchen designs. Homeowners looking for newer kitchens often crave stainless steel appliances and sinks, and stainless steel kitchen cabinets match this. Ningbo Afa Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd. is a professional China manufacturer and supplier of      Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets     . Welcome to buy: