1) Sealed working chamber with periodic changes. The sealed working chamber in a volumetric hydraulic pump is called an oil suction chamber when it is sucking oil. The volume of the oil suction chamber sucks the working fluid to complete the oil suction process. Oil pressure chamber, the volume of the oil pressure chamber is reduced to repel liquid, and the oil pressure process is completed.

2) Equipped with a corresponding distribution mechanism. The distribution mechanism strictly separates the oil suction chamber and the pressure chamber. It guarantees the continuous operation of the hydraulic pump. When sucking oil, the oil discharge check valve is closed, separating the pressure line (oil pressure chamber) behind the check valve from the oil suction chamber; when the oil is pressured, the oil suction check valve is closed. The oil pressure chambers are different. The structure of the hydraulic pump is different, and its distribution mechanism is also different.

3) It has self-priming ability. The ability of a hydraulic pump to work abnormally, either by itself or by virtue of atmospheric pressure, is called the self-priming ability of the pump. In order for the hydraulic pump to suck oil from the fuel tank either under the influence of atmospheric pressure, the fuel tank in the hydraulic system must be the same as the atmosphere or use a closed, pressurized fuel tank.

In order to ensure that the hydraulic pump can absorb oil abnormally at the highest speed. There is a minimum suction pressure at the suction port of the pump. The pressure of the suction chamber of the pump depends on the suction height and the resistance of the suction pipeline. When the pump assembly height is too high or the suction limit force is too large, the suction pressure of the pump is lower than the minimum suction pressure, and the hydraulic pump will not be adequate. Suction can even cause cavitation and cavitation.

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