The kitchen is a functional space that is used by almost every household every day. When decorating, many families consider more cabinet design and ignore the importance of kitchen hardware. As everyone knows, for hardware such as faucets and sinks that are used frequently, if you don't buy environmentally friendly and durable products, it will cause big trouble in the later stage, so I can't ignore it.

1.Stainless Steel Faucets : both water-saving and leak-proof

The kitchen is a big front for home water consumption. In particular, more and more people are worried about the problem of pesticide residues. Whether it is vegetables or fruits, they must be soaked several times before they can be eaten. This has led to an increase in the amount of water in the kitchen. Therefore, when buying a kitchen faucet, water saving is an issue that must be considered. In addition to ordinary faucets, there are special water-saving faucets on the market, which save about 30% to 40% of water than ordinary faucets. The water-saving faucet is mainly equipped with a bubbler in the faucet to inject air into the water, which slows down the water flow and reduces the amount of flushing water during flushing, thereby saving energy. This faucet also has a splash-proof function, which avoids the problem of splashing around the washing water every time.

Another key factor when choosing a kitchen faucet is water leakage. Due to the high frequency of opening and closing the kitchen faucet, if the quality is too poor, water leakage and dripping will easily occur after use, resulting in waste. The key to leaking the faucet is the valve core. It is generally considered that the ceramic valve core is the more advanced valve core technology at present. Compared with ordinary valve core, it has the functions of strong abrasion resistance and good sealing performance, and its leak-proof performance is better. It is recommended to choose the faucet of ceramic valve core. In addition, when choosing a faucet, you must also try to see whether the opening and closing of the switch is smooth and see if the plating on the surface of the faucet is smooth. These are the key factors to judge the quality of the faucet.

2. Sink: Anti-blocking is the key

At present, most kitchen sinks are made of stainless steel, and the basin is sturdy and durable, so you don't need to worry about the service life. The key is the sink drain device. Many households routinely let the residue flow out of the sink's drain when washing dishes and dishes. Long-term development of this habit can easily lead to problems such as clogged drains, leaking water pipes, and odors in the sewer. Therefore, when choosing a water tank, the design of the water tank outlet should be considered. For example, a sinking solid waste storage basket can be used to store the washed down solid waste. Emptying the waste from the storage basket after each use of the sink can prevent excessive solid waste from entering the sewer and causing blockage. Now more and more families will install food waste disposers, which can directly break solid waste, even if it is washed down from the water pipe, it will not cause blockage.

In addition, the quality of the water pipe in the sewer also needs to be paid attention to when purchasing the sink. If the quality of the water pipe is too poor, long-term corrosion of food residues can easily cause problems such as water leakage and odor. Therefore, pay attention to product quality when choosing PVC sewer pipes.

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