The Three Way Stopcock was developed for general medical use and can inject liquid into a patient via an infusion pump or syringe. One application is cardiology, which is used to inhale cold fluid in a high-pressure syringe for subsequent injection through a thermoregulated catheter.



Filter material: silicone rubber medium

Housing material: MABS


Biosafety: USP XXIII Level VI certification

Sterilization compatibility: γ-ray, EtO



Type: Luer lock for men and women

Entrance: Female Luer Lock in accordance with ISO 594: 1991

Exit: Male Luer Lock in accordance with ISO 594: 1991



Dimensions: 1.181 "x 0.394" diameter + 0.472 "lg hose port

Valve static position: normally closed

Position sensitivity: None

Intellectual Property: Patent pending



Reflux: after 15 minutes: </ = 0.1mL/hr@39.4 ​​"H2O head

Maximum working pressure:> / = 435 psid (H2O),> / = 145 psid (air)

Valve opening pressure: 4.0-6.0 psid pressure side

Availability: disposable



Standard packaging: 12,000 servings / carton (non-sterile)


Specifications apply to pre-sterilized products and are subject to change without notice. Results may vary in specific applications. 

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