Today, AFA Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers will introduce what a suction tank is.

The suction tank refers to the sump pool. The role of the sump pool is to collect, store and balance the water quality and quantity of wastewater.

The production wastewater of various workshops is generally uneven in the amount and quality of wastewater. There is wastewater during production and there is no wastewater during production. Even within a day or between shifts, there may be a large amount of wastewater. Variety;

Especially for the wastewater from the fine chemical industry, if the turbid wastewater is not diverted, the water quality and quantity of process-intensive wastewater and lightly polluted wastewater will change greatly. This change is not good for the normal operation and treatment effect of wastewater treatment facilities and equipment, and even Is harmful.

Therefore, before entering the main wastewater treatment system, a wastewater collection tank with a certain volume must be set up to store the wastewater and make it homogeneous to ensure the normal operation of the wastewater treatment equipment and facilities.

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