Identifying controls is a critical step risk based thinking for the ISO 9001 Certification quality management system. In this ISO 9001 Certification in India we looked at the need to assess how significant a risk is before determining controls. In this each risk you have identified you will need to assess the severity of the problem should the risk happen. Need to combine this with the assessment of how likely the problem is to occur and it is possible to detect the problem. It combining the numbers assigned to these properties you get the risk priority number from the failure modes and effects analysis. ISO 9001 Certification will help you to consistently determine the significance of each risk you have identified for your quality management system. 

Six risk strategies for a standard control structure

 ISO 9001 Certification below are the six risk strategies explained in the context of the quality management system risk assessment. 

Retaining risk by informed decision: For in this insignificant risk is sometimes the best strategy is to just accept the risk and proceed. It is not severe if it does occur, then choosing to just react to the problem should it happen can be the best decision. When a possible avoidance measure is too costly or time consuming to be worth resources it would take the implementation. 

Avoiding risk: For in this significant risk you may change to take action to prevent the risk from happening or in other words. ISO 9001 Consultants Cost  in Saudi Arabia could be an improvement in a process, replacing old equipment with better equipment, or changing a design to remove a component that is causing a risk. 

Eliminating the risk source:  One of the way avoiding the risk is to eliminate the risk source. It may involve changing a part used in an assembly. 


  1. Sharing the risk:  Sometimes you can transfer a risk. such as having a process done by an expert supplier rather than doing it yourself.
  2. Changing the likelihood: Examples of mitigation of risk are administrative controls, training, or additional inspections. If you are not stopping the risk increasing your chances of identifying the problem after it occurs. In this risk still exists, but you have actions and plans in place to reduce the risk consequences.
  3. Taking risk in order to pursue an opportunity: The ISO 9001 Certification you are assessing the risk in terms of what you need to do to capitalize on the opportunity and take action to make it happen. When this is your plan, you are exploiting the risks in order to benefit from long-term gains to your companies.


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