1. Energy & water efficient

Front loading washing machines are more water and energy efficient that top loaders. Of course it depends on the cycle you select (heavy-duty wash cycles will use a lot more energy and water, for instance) but as a general rule, front loaders are the way to go if you want to conserve resources.

While it will cost a little extra upfront to buy an efficient washer, your investment will eventually pay for itself through the money you save on water and electricity bills.

2. Gentle on your clothes

Front loaders are known for being kinder to your clothes. Top loaders that use an agitator (i.e. the plastic column in the centre of the tub) can cause damage to your clothes through snagging, tangling and stretching. And while some top loaders do away with the agitator altogether, this can compromise on the machine's efficiency.

3. Smaller size

Front loading washing machines are easier to fit into tight spaces, because their external dimensions are smaller. Which is not to say you can't wash large loads in a front loader - you can - especially if you purchase a model that can accommodate 7kg or more.

Because they're smaller, front loaders are perfect for apartment living. You can also have your front loader installed beneath a kitchen bench top as an added convenience.

4. Stack a clothes dryer on top

For this, you'll need to get yourself the right stacking kit (stacking kits can be purchased from Appliances Online). This is another way in which a front loader can help to save space within your home.

5. High spin speeds

Front loaders tend to have higher spin speeds than top loaders. This is advantageous because it means your clothes will come out drier, saving you time and also, potentially, money - as your clothes won't need to spend as long in the dryer.

6. Lower detergent dosage

Another advantage to owning a water-efficient washer - you don't need to use as much detergent.

The average Australian uses way too much detergent with every load (which can eventually cause problems with the machine). Depending on how dirty your clothes are, you can often get away with using as little as a quarter of the recommended dosage - experiment with the dosage and see!

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