How to buy emergency lights? Notes on buying emergency lights?

 The fire emergency light lighting system mainly includes accident emergency lighting, emergency exit signs and indicator lights, which are set up to guide trapped personnel to evacuate or initiate firefighting rescue operations after the normal lighting power is cut off in the event of a fire.

1.It is best to buy emergency lights at regular reputable stores and supermarkets.

2.Pay attention to identify the authenticity of the emergency light when purchasing. A product certificate is required, and a formal invoice and three guarantees certificate are required.

3.When using and charging, consumers should strictly follow the methods described in the product manual, and keep away from flammable items as much as possible to avoid unnecessary losses.


4.In the event of an accident or problem in the use of emergency lights, related departments strengthen the management of the emergency light market to ensure the safety of consumers in our district during times of power shortage;

5.Further strengthen the rectification of the order of the emergency light market and achieve healthy and orderly development.

6.Take effective measures to standardize the order of market operations and prevent frequent accidents.

7.Establish and improve relevant management systems to fully protect the personal and property safety of consumers during times of power shortage.

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