The printing machine was transmitted to our country in the 80, because it can be printed on small area, concave and convex surface products, has a very obvious advantage, thus making up for the shortage of Flat Screen Printing Machine , so in recent years the development has been rapid. With the further opening of China's market, a large number of electronic, plastic, gifts, toys and other traditional industries mainly foreign-funded enterprises have entered China, printing and screen printing technology based on the decoration of the way has been extraordinary development.

Under incomplete statistics, the application of printing and screen printing technology in the above industries has reached 27%, 64%, 51% and 66%, respectively. At present, we often regard paper printing as mainstream printing, and get a high degree of attention from the theoretical circle. In recent years, screen printing has been valued, the first is because of its printing advantages in paper. For example, the use of screen printing to complete the paper UV local glazing, special UV ink such as coral ink, ice flowers ink, Zou ink printing than offset printing, Flexo printing has a better effect. On the whole, the content of printing technology is not high, in the case of high production costs in developed countries, it is very difficult to continue to develop. Therefore, the transfer of printing technology to China, such as low labor costs of developing countries is an inevitable trend. At present, in addition to the foreign countries can manufacture a high degree of automation printing production line of a few enterprises, most enterprises will be the production base moved to China.

Screen printing machine belongs to the hole version of the printing press more representative printing equipment, its printing plate is a silk and other materials woven from the crisscross, warp and weft clear wire mesh. has been produced by plane, surface, forming, printing and dyeing, printed circuit and a new type of rotation and other screen printing machine. Among them, the new rotary screen printing machine speed and productivity is relatively high it is characterized by the screen installation on the drum, ink poured in the drum.

When the machine works, the drum rotates and the rubber scraper is quickly printed on the printed matter. Wire mesh materials In addition to silk, can also be used nylon wire, copper wire, steel wire or stainless steel wire and so on. The hole printing principle applied by screen printing machine originated from the ancient template printing.

Hole Printing has a transcription version, hollow version of the spray flower and screen printing and other forms. Screen printing was initially hand-operated, when there was only one rack, a screen version and a template. By the 50 's screen printing to achieve mechanization, automation. Roller screen printing machine printing ink, suitable for printing ink thick print, can be printed on a variety of paper, glass, wood, metal, ceramics, plastic or cloth, a variety of inks can be used, including conductive metal ink.

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