The purchase of emergency lights is a very important task. When a dangerous situation occurs in public places, the role of emergency lights, especially fire emergency lighting, in protecting people's lives and property is very critical. Therefore, the purchase of emergency lights It cannot be ignored by every engineering purchaser.


  1. Purchase fire emergency lights produced by regular manufacturers. When choosing emergency lights, consumers cannot blindly pursue low prices, but choose counterfeit products. Most of these products use inferior components. It will not be long before they will fail frequently and bring unnecessary losses to consumers.

  2. Purchase certified fire emergency lights. Everyone can log in to the China Fire Information Network when purchasing fire emergency lights, and perform 3C certification verification on the Internet to confirm whether the selected product has been identified by the Vernagan Fire Products Product Conformity Assessment Center.

  3. When purchasing emergency lights, you can carefully observe the quality and workmanship of the lamps. Under normal circumstances, good quality products can be seen at a glance, good materials, good workmanship, good quality emergency lights can be listed as the object of purchase.


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