When people are used to dividing elevators into high, middle, and low ends, they naturally attach different safety labels to them. Regardless of the elaborate work of high-grade elevators, the safety concept of treating each ordinary elevator really reflects the business nature of an elevator company. When China's elevator market is growing at a rate of 20% each year, are elevator companies dazzled by the fast-growing market?

According to national standards, public transportation escalators should be equipped with auxiliary brakes. If the main drive or other components of the elevator are abnormal, when the steps, pedals or tape change the specified running direction, they should automatically stop running instead of going backward.

Elevators are now installed in many residential buildings, and elevators have become an essential part of everyone's daily life.

Escalator Supplier understands that the service life of the elevator is 15 years, and the normal maintenance time is every 15 days. Frequent failures of elevators are caused by improper use of humans. Some new high-rise elevators are often used as "cargo elevators" by renovated owners.

Some have moved the furniture and hit the elevator door; some have stuck in the elevator door for a long time. There are also cement sand pebbles that jam the transmission parts, causing the elevator to malfunction. How to prevent the elevator from being manually operated and malfunctioning. If the community management and service can keep up, and the security can supervise the decoration workers, the elevator may not strike frequently.

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