There are many factors determining the performance of a washing machine. Apart from the type, buying a washing machine depends on a lot of indicators as follows.

Indicators of main focus: Washer Motors , number of revolutions

Secondary indicators: basic parameters, capacity, drainage, etc.

The washer motor is the heart of the washing machine, which powers the washing machine and determines the noise level and stability of the washing machine.

When we buy a washing machine, we often see the word "frequency conversion". The frequency conversion is the washer motor of the washing machine.

So what does conversion mean?

The washer motor has fixed frequency and frequency conversion points. Fixed frequency means that the speed of the washer motor remains constant during the washing process, and the frequency conversion technology can control the speed of the motor. In comparison, the variable frequency motor is more energy efficient and less noisy, so the washing machine is basically a variable frequency motor.

The variable frequency motor is further divided into a BLDC motor and a DD motor. BLDC Motor: The full name is Brushless Direct Current, a brushless DC motor that uses a belt drive. This motor is small enough to meet the needs of a large inner barrel.

DD motor: The full name is Direct Driver, which directly drives the motor and does not run with a belt. This kind of motor is powerful and bulky, and has the advantages of improving performance, reducing vibration and reducing noise. It is a relatively advanced motor.

Because the structure of the roller and the pulsator bearing are different, the direction of the force of the motor is also different, and the DD motor is rarely used in the drum washing machine. The reason is that the bearing is laterally stressed, the direct drive motor is easy to damage the bearing, and the replacement of a bearing is about 1000-2000 yuan.

The pulsator washing machine and the DD motor are perfect, because the bottom is stressed, there is no need to worry about the bearing damage, and the vibration and the small noise are particularly good. Although, the DD motor does not solve the problem of clothing winding of the pulsator.

Therefore, the drum washing machine selects the BLDC waher motor, and the pulsator washing machine selects the DD washer motor.

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