Prefabricated homes, factory-built houses, Expandable Container House the vocabulary surrounding this type of construction is very broad and increasing all the time due to the ever greater role they are playing in the real estate market. One of the great advantages of buying a prefab is the price, which is usually significantly lower than traditional buildings and doesn't have the risk of cost overruns.

Below are five noteworthy advantages of prefabricated site offices.

1. Prefabrication is quick

Using prefabrication, it takes far lesser time to erect a portable office. The construction time is significantly less by up to 30 to 60 percent as compared to building a permanent office with brick and mortar.

2. Invest once, use multiple times

Many contractors and organization have multiple projects going on simultaneously. In such cases, prefabricated site offices are a great help! These can be dismantled and shipped to other locations quite easily. This in turn leads to huge cost savings and the same structure can be disassembled and re-assembled.

3. Made from Recyclable materials

EPACK’s prefabricated site offices are crafted from materials that can be recycled. This is another that adds to cost saving as the material once built lasts long.

4. No compromise on quality

Portable offices are constructed from high quality materials, which are constructed as per industry norms laid down for safety. The offices are designed as per requirements and are built in the factory, which is a controlled environment. Quality tests are performed before roll out.

5. Eco-Friendly Construction

Portable offices – be it modular or otherwise, are eco-friendly. This is primarily due to the reason that construction is done within a controlled environment which leaves chances of lesser materials to be wasted. Materials are pre-measured, so minimal waste is left behind. Besides, since the construction time is significantly less, there is less environmental pollution due to transportation. The disruption caused at job site is also lessened, because these are temporary buildings. The recyclable property makes them reusable and eco-friendly.

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