Amazon has stopped selling some face masks, antibacterial wipes and other hard-to-find health care products to the general public, saying it'll sell these items only to governments and health providers during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Amazon's site, some listings for Clorox disinfecting wipes are now restricted, but listings for small-volume sanitizers, disposable face masks and wipes intended for personal use are still available for shoppers. The company said it will continue to evaluate this restricted list going forward.

Supplies of many of these items, especially sanitizers, gloves and masks, have been limited for weeks as health providers and millions of shoppers have stocked up. Now doctors and nurses are sounding the alarm that they're running out of basic protective equipment as they care for a surge of new coronavirus patients.

Amazon said it's hoping to alleviate that strain by selling these items exclusively to government organizations and health care providers. This week it added a note to many of these listings, which include thermometers, face shields and surgical gowns, saying: "Available only for hospitals and government agencies directly responding to COVID-19." COVID-19 diagnostic kits are also restricted. On a webpage explaining the change, the company said it won't be making a profit on the sale of these COVID-19 supplies.

At the same time, positive cases of COVID-19 keep popping up in the company’s warehouses. Some of those workforces have already held or planned walkouts over their treatment during the pandemic. It wasn’t until today that Amazon pledged to offer basic protections like checking workers’ temperatures and handing out surgical masks. Moreover, provides Cheap Mask for Coronavirus for players. As an online in-game currency store for many years, we’ve received great reputation for our reliable service.