Escalator Supplier reminds that the main purpose of elevator maintenance is to eliminate possible failures of the elevator in the bud state through targeted, planned, and targeted maintenance, and control the elevator failure rate within the limited target. According to the elevator's service life, distribution range, utilization rate, formulate a maintenance plan. Check its overall running quality regularly according to the layout plan, and maintain the elevator in accordance with quality standards.

According to the content of safety management regulations for elevator maintenance and use, maintenance includes: daily inspection, 15-day maintenance, quarterly maintenance, half-year maintenance and annual maintenance; daily maintenance and special maintenance.

Routine patrol maintenance is to conduct patrols every day, with the means of seeing, hearing, sniffing, and touching, to inspect the main parts of the elevator and find the abnormalities and deal with them in time.

The 15-day maintenance is to clean, lubricate, inspect and adjust all parts of the elevator regularly every 15 days, especially focusing on the maintenance and debugging of each safety device to ensure the safe operation of the elevator.

The quarterly maintenance is based on the 15th maintenance, and performs more detailed maintenance, inspection, repair and simple adjustment on the parts of the elevator that are not prone to failure and damage.

Half-year maintenance is based on quarterly maintenance, with more detailed inspection, cleaning and adjustment.

Annual maintenance is that before the annual inspection, the Quality and Safety Department will organize comprehensive elevator maintenance and conduct an internal self-inspection for the new annual inspection requirements. Only after the self-inspection is qualified can the annual inspection and approval procedures be processed.

Intermediate repair and overhaul are the decomposition, cleaning, maintenance, adjustment of various parts of the elevator, replacement of aging, failure, severe wear and tear, performance degradation and unsuitable parts, adjustment of various parameters; to restore the elevator or reach national regulations and manufacturers design Technical indicators.

The overhaul period is generally five years, which can be appropriately advanced or extended depending on the performance of the elevator. The manufacturer has provisions to comply with the manufacturer's regulations. The mid-term repair period is generally three years. The repair content is combined with the elevator status to select the items that need to be arranged in advance. Special repair refers to a single or a small number of overhaul items that need to be repaired in advance, and its technical standards are the same as those for overhaul.

Elevator operation management stipulates the contents and technical standards of large and medium-sized repairs and special repair projects in elevator maintenance and repair. The standards of this regulation that violates the state are subject to the national standard. The manufacturers have provisions in accordance with the provisions of the manufacturers.

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