Notebook products are one of the favorite products of the office crowd. So do you know what types of notebook paper is divided into? Of course, such professional questions must be answered by our professionally customized notebooks!

Notepads generally use Dowling paper and kraft paper, and ordinary notebooks mostly use Dowling paper. Generally it is 70-80 grams, more than 100-120 sheets, which can be increased or decreased according to customer requirements; binding is made of wire binding or stainless steel binder; of course, it can also be made according to the paper selected by the customer. High-end paper generally has 100-120g Daolin paper, double-coated paper, special paper.

Beige eye protection paper, pure white wood pulp paper. Both qualities are excellent. There are 80 grams and 100 grams of paper. 80 grams of paper is more comfortable to write, and 100 grams of paper looks more upscale, each with its own advantages. The good paper is smooth and the writing is smooth, the low-quality paper has impurities and the writing is astringent. Multifunctional notebooks that are integrated in U disk, power supply, card insertion, etc. are also widely loved.

Zhejiang Huangyan Huifeng Stationery Co., Ltd. is a professional Chinese manufacturer and supplier of     kraft paper hardcover notebook     . High quality kraft paper hardcover notebook. The shell is made of tough waterproof kraft paper, which can protect the recorded information from damage. If necessary, please contact us: